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Nice story about a rescue horse’s potential!


He Saves Horse off Kill Truck for $200. But Has No Idea He’s Just Bought Three-Time Champion

Keep your horses safe in this cold weather

With cold temperatures upon us please remember your horses,  this link provides some things to remember to keep your fur babies safe.

Rio Equestrian Schedule

It is an exciting time with the upcoming games in Rio. Be sure you don’t miss them. Here are the times for the first events.

Upcoming events August 6th, Day 1

Team eventing


Sat, Aug 6

9:00 AM

Individual eventing


Sat, Aug 6

9:00 AM

Get more information here:

Oakland County Shows

With one more Fair week down, Oakland County now moves into the Grand Finale weekend show. Groveland Equestrian Center will have many Youth riders competing, along with a few adults. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Vanessa at 248-459-5515 to reserve your spot on the trailer.

The showbill may be found on, listed rules noted below:

2016 Oakland County Open Horse Show Circuit


 General Information

1. 4-H RULES APPLY— No Stallions
4. A current year Negative Coggins Test is required.
5. Exhibitor’s age as of January 1st of the current year.
6. 5-8 year olds must adhere to the 4-H Cloverbud guidelines. All 5-8 year olds must wear helmets.
7. Exhibitor must show in age appropriate group.
8. Ponies must ride in age Division.
9. No Novice Horses in 12 & Under classes.
10. Stalls are available for $15.00/day. No reservations will be taken. ALL STALLS MUST BE STRIPPED. $5.00 refunded after stall check. PLEASE PUT MANURE IN SPREADER and TRASH IN GARBAGE CANS.
11. Trailer-in fee $5.00 per Horse
12. Camping/Electrical use is $12 per day.
13. Lunch breaks to be announced. Food concessions will be available.
14. Entries close 2 classes preceding class entering ring.
15. The Committee has the right to split, combine or cancel classes and to break all High Point ties.
16. Back number is 1 Horse/1 Rider combination
17. Challenge entry fee $10. Minimum 4 entries required to hold class. No ribbons. Payout 25% to 1st, 15% to 2nd and 10% to 3rd places.
18. Gymkhana Jackpot – Daily $10 fee per rider. Best overall time for each event wins share of pot. Pot is split evenly for Cloverleaf, Indiana Flag Race, Key Hole, Pole Bending and Speed & Action classes. 

Fly Protection

It is almost that season again. Here at Groveland we are gearing up to take on those pesky flies this summer. We have ordered the Fly Predators, started feeding SimpliFly, and have bottles of fly spray on hand. Game on flies.

Learn more about the different types of flies and what you can do to prevent them here:

“Fly control can seem like a daunting task. However, by targeting the specific flies that are attacking your horse, you can better help protect your horse.”


The L Word

From Cadence Ridge Equine:

Do you have or know of a horse that is suffering from laminitis or founder? It doesn’t just effect the hoof! When there is a rotation of the coffin bone it puts stress on the deep digital flexor tendon, which is then connected to the muscles higher up in the leg and shoulder. Also, a horse that is experiencing any kind of pain in their front feet will try to take weight off of them and use their neck to try to lift off. This makes the rhomboid or crest muscles over developed and tense, sometimes creating knots. Equine sports massage and Electro-acupressure can be used to relieve some of the tension and make the horse more comfortable.

There is a magnitude of possibilities and things massage can help with! Everyday I’m still amazed at the possibilities! Keep looking back as I will be sharing some of the things I can help and work on! if your horse has a specific problem, just ask and we’ll come up with a program for them!


How The Hind End Matters

Our on site massage therapist recommends this read:

“The hind end is the power house or “engine” of the horse. Proper care is vital for you horses wellbeing and success!”

Learn more about Cadence Ridge Equine here:


USEF Rules Updated

We thought you might be interested in some USEF new rules. For example, “Going to compete in USHJA competitions in the future? Microchips are soon required.” Read more below:

At Groveland Equestrian Center (GEC) we are always looking for new and interesting ways to use our horses. Lately we have been noticing a game increasing in popularity outside of the United States, called HorseBall. In the spring we are looking to start hosting some practices if enough people are interested. What are your thoughts on this new sport? Have you found any other interesting sports you would like to try?


Check out HORSEBALL 

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