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USEF Rules Updated

We thought you might be interested in some USEF new rules. For example, “Going to compete in USHJA competitions in the future? Microchips are soon required.” Read more below:

At Groveland Equestrian Center (GEC) we are always looking for new and interesting ways to use our horses. Lately we have been noticing a game increasing in popularity outside of the United States, called HorseBall. In the spring we are looking to start hosting some practices if enough people are interested. What are your thoughts on this new sport? Have you found any other interesting sports you would like to try?


Check out HORSEBALL 

GoPro of Sorting

Did you miss cow sorting? Never sorted before and wonder what it is like? Check out this awesome GoPro video one of our riders took! 

Proper Position


Consider the image above. Many riders, especially from a hunter background suffer from riding too far over the horses shoulders. This can seriously affect your horse’s performance level. As riders we should strive for correct posture whenever working our horse.

Recommend Reading by Cadence Ridge Equine

Have you met Cadence Ridge Equine, our onsite equine rehabilitation and massage therapist? Stop by her website or Facebook page to learn more at

Cadence Ridge Equine states, “Building the right muscles and being aware of your horses weak points makes for a healthier happier horse!” Read the associated post from The Horse here at

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